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Miriam Owen, Exhibit Designer

Miriam holds a degree in Environmental Design from the College of Marketing and Design in Dublin, Ireland. She moved to Nashville, working for a company called 1220 Exhibits for 15 years. Miriam started her own company, Owen Design, in November 2000. Her design skills with her understanding of technical and engineering development, coupled with her communication skills and attention to detail make Owen Design a valuable asset to any project.

Patricia VornDick, Graphic Designer

Patricia earned her degree in Fine Arts from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. She has lived in Nashville for over thirty years working as an award winning graphics designer and artist.  She has over twenty years experience in exhibit art from painting mural backgrounds, illustrating for planetarium show, creating original hands-on exhibitry, to producing digital graphics for exhibit panels. She enjoys the challenge of solving special educational creations and working with a team to produce the best product.

Stephen Forrester, Exhibit Fabricator

Stephen has designed and fabricated exhibit components, furniture, and casework for over 30 years. With his fabrication skills and project experience he has gained a reputation for unique, well crafted custom exhibitry work. Whether he produces a one-of-a-kind interactive device or artifact mount, he can craft a solution with museum archival quality. After ten years working in the Exhibits Department of the Cumberland Science Museum (now Adventure Science Center), Steve opened his own exhibit shop in 1992.

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